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Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to give back of your time to the Divisions of Student Affairs? Departments are looking for alumni and friends to mentor students, speak on panels, connect students to internships, and much more. We are also always looking for alumni to host alumni events, or become social media ambassadors for the Division. If you want to volunteer with Student Affairs or learn more about opportunities to stay connected, contact

Volunteer Opportunities List

  • Health Promotion and Wellness

SWAT Alumni Speakers

Volunteer by speaking at one of our Student Wellness Ambassador Team (SWAT) meetings. Alumni can share what they are currently doing in their career, how being a member of SWAT helped them, and/or giving advice on what current students can be doing to help them develop the skills they need as a professional and how to look for jobs.

PAWSitively Stress-free

Illinois State University students report stress as one of their top impediments to academic success. Research shows that for some, just a few minutes petting a dog can lower the body's level of cortisol--the stress hormone. This lowers your blood pressure and helps you feel relaxed, which will allow you to focus more on studying and projects. So come out and volunteer at one of our PAWsitively Stress-free events throughout the year to help you and our students relax.

Volunteer at Reggie's Tailgate during Homecoming

Reggie's Tailgate is a collaborative effort among many departments within the Division of Student Affairs and Intercollegiate Athletics to provide a safe and fun, alcohol-free environment for students to celebrate Homecoming. Join in the fun and serve as a volunteer for the event!

Contact Jim Almeda for more information about these opportunities.

  • Dean of Students Office

Speaking Opportunities

The Dean of Students office has many opportunities for you to share your experiences with current students. From speaking to the RSO you were involved with as a student to serving on alumni panels, there are a handful of ways you can get involved and support current students. Contact Jill Benson for more information.

Meet with our Traveling Redbirds

The Dean of Students Office provides many opportunities for students to travel for service trips, conferences, and educational opportunities. Do you want to host a group of ISU students for a meal or meet up with them when they are visiting your city? Contact us to see if we are heading to your area in the near future! Contact Jill Benson for more information.

ISULeads Mentors

The ISULeads Leadership Certificate Program is a comprehensive leadership program offering students a structure for personalizing their college experience to develop as strong leaders and engaged citizens. Each student enrolled in the program is paired with a mentor to meet with at least monthly. These meetings are preferably in person, but students and mentors can find a partnership that works best. We would like to begin pairing students with alumni mentors; are you up for serving as a mentor for a current student? Contact Tashay Dennie for more information.

  • University Housing Services

Themed Living Learning Program Speakers

ISU has several Themed Living Learning Programs that provide a unique atmosphere for residents who share common interests and are interested in an environment that supports personal growth, socially and academically. Did you major in one of the areas that has a program and want to come speak with students on how you use your major today?

Programming and Mentorship

University Housing Services is always looking for alumni to speak on a variety of topics to current students, Resident Assistants, and Professional Staff and serve as mentors. Topics could be related to diversity, safety, security, community building, communication, and leadership. Come back to campus and share your expertise in one of these areas.

Move-In Volunteers

Remember the excitement of move in? And remember the wonderful volunteers that made the process as smooth as it could be? Be one of those helpful smiling faces for the newest class of Redbirds by volunteering at move-in.

House Calls Program

The transition to college can be difficult for some students. University Housing Services each year conducts House Calls to check in on students as they transition to college. Volunteer your time to help with this program and get to know some of our new Redbirds.

Open House Assistance

Do you want to help recruit new Redbirds to campus? We are always looking for help with Residence Hall tours or alumni speakers at open houses.

Contact Stacey Mwilambwe for more information about these opportunities.

  • Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation Presentations

We are looking for Alumni to present to current students about their experience with Campus Recreation and how it impacted their college experience, their personal growth, or their preparedness for employment after college.

Campus Recreation Mentorship

Do you have valuable Campus Recreation expertise such as refereeing experience, coaching, athletic training, or facility management? We are looking for alumni to mentor current student employees and share their expertise with them.

Homecoming 5k

Are you planning on coming back to campus for Homecoming? Volunteer your time to help run our Homecoming 5k for students, staff, alumni, and community members!

Contact Matt Seibring for more information about these opportunities.

  • Student Counseling Services

Voices of Discovery, Body Project, and Friendly Faces Training Speakers

Did you complete one of these programs while you were a student at ISU? Do you want to share your story and how the project impacted you at a training? Contact Riley McGrath for more information.

Letter Writing to Current Students

Do you have advice for current students and want to give them encouraging words to get through hard times? Contact Counseling Services to find out how you can help current students by writing letters to them. Contact Riley McGrath for more information.

  • Bone Student Center

Volunteer as an Usher in Braden Auditorium

Interested in helping out at Braden Auditorium and catching a great show? Sign up to receive information on how to become a Braden Auditorium volunteer Usher. Dates and times will vary throughout the year. Contact Barb Dallinger for more information.

Guest Speaker for Bone Student Center Trainings

We are looking for alumni to assist us with our student staff training sessions covering topics such as customer service, safety, getting the most out of your student employee experience, or life after graduation. Come back to campus and share your expertise with students! Contact Erin Watts for more information.

Bone Student Center Leadership Council

Are you looking for an opportunity to mentor a student? Pair up with one of our current students who serve on the Bone Student Center Leadership Council. Contact Erin Watts for more information.

Assistant Bowling Coach

Do you have passion for bowling? We are looking for an Assistant Bowling coach to work alongside our BBC Manager during rehearsals, attend competitions and assist with logistics. Contact Rick Holmes for more information.

  • Student Access and Accommodation Services

Volunteer with Student Access & Accommodation Services (formerly Disability Concerns)

We are looking for volunteers to help as typists, library assistant, and scribes, as well as editing textbooks and transcribing videos for our Text Conversion Lab. Volunteering will help you develop an understanding and respect for person with disabilities, give you great service experience, and give back to ISU! Contact Student Access & Accommodation Servicesfor more information.

  • Career Services

Share your career experience

Inspire students to achieve career success by sharing your experiences. Volunteer to participate in upcoming Career Services events, be a guest speaker in an IDS 106: Career Choice class, or volunteer to serve as a contact for students to complete an informational interview to learn about your career.

Connect with a Redbird

If you're an alum who is also an employer seeking to connect with great talent, consider volunteering to participate in events on behalf of your organization. You'll be able to share your expertise and be able to connect with quality candidates, academic departments, and our staff.

Create Your Legacy with Your Career

As a recent alum, share your career success with other Redbirds to inspire them in their journey. Tell your story to be shared on social media or in University materials.

For more information about any of these volunteer opportunities, contact Career Services.