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Susan T. Kern Special Opportunity Scholarship

The vision for the Susan T. Kern Special Opportunity Scholarship Fund is to provide financial support to Illinois State University students in support of one-time special academic or co-curricular opportunities. It is Dr Kern’s wish to provide financial assistance to a student for an opportunity they otherwise wouldn’t be able to fund. Awards will be considered by the Selection Committee and reviewed on an as-needed basis. The Selection Committee consists of representatives from the offices of the Provost, Women’s and Gender Studies, Dean of Students, and Development.

  • Applicant Qualifications include:
    • Minimum GPA of 2.5
    • A grade level of at least Sophomore standing
    • A personal statement (e.g., 300 words) which demonstrates how your life experiences have fostered and understanding of and commitment to the value of diversity as it relates to women in their leadership roles and/or career. Your statement may also address gender equity in the workplace and its anticipated impact on your career.

Students can receive this scholarship one time during their educational career at Illinois State.


Student Success and Excellence Fund

This scholarship will reopen Fall Semester 2024

The Student Success and Excellence Fund supports first-generation or low-income students to thrive and excel in their academic and cocurricular experiences by reducing financial limitations. Involvement in clubs and organizations provide amazing learning opportunities for students. Because of this, the SSEF grant is designed to supplement students’ budgets to help them say ‘yes’ to transformative involvement opportunities that offer them a competitive advantage in achieving their goals and aspirations.

The following categories are options for Illinois State University’s students to seek support in achieving their academic and personal educational goals.

  • Textbook Scholarship 
    Students who are involved on-campus in cocurricular opportunities offered by Illinois State University can apply for a book scholarship to support their academic goal of graduation. The scholarship is limited to $300/year for no more than two years.
  • Cocurricular Scholarship
    Students may receive support to attend or participate in cocurricular and curricular experiences provided by or through Illinois State University (e.g., study abroad or associated costs, Alternative Breaks, professional conferences). Organization membership fees are not an applicable expense. This scholarship is limited to a single award of up to $1000.

Additional scholarships: