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Health Promotion & Wellness

  • NASPA Culture of Respect Campus Leadership Team has more than 40 students, staff, and faculty members who have been working toward building better prevention and response efforts around sexual violence on the Illinois State University campus by addressing the pillars
  • During the 2017-2018 academic year, more than 4,000 students attended PAWSitively Stress Free . PAWSitively Stress Free occurs once a month and twice during finals week a t Milner Library and allows students access to therapy dogs, massage and other stress relieving activities such as coloring, massage, and campus resources.
  • Health Promotion and Wellness staff has trained approximately 1, 2 00 students through our Redbird Respect Bystander Empowerment Program. These sessions aim to develop skills and awareness, so individuals have the confidence to disrupt harmful situations around sexual and relationship violence, microaggressions, and unsafe alcohol consumption.
  • More than 650 students attended Reggie’s Tailgate. Reggie’s Tailgate is a collaboration with Alumni Relations and Redbird Athletics that provides a safe, fun, alcohol- and other-substance free environment for students to celebrate Homecoming.
  • Wellness Ambassadors are integral to creating a campus culture that embodies well-being for those who live, learn, and work at Illinois State University . Health Promotion and Wellness trains and supports more than 65 staff/faculty and 45 student Wellness Ambassadors annually to help keep campus safe and well.